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The Objects of MOWatch

The Association is committed to challenging and transforming the Anglican Church of Australia and its role in the community. For this purpose its objects are: 

(a)        To move all dioceses in the Anglican Church of Australia to admit women to the ordained ministries of the Church. 

(b)        To encourage women to hear and respond to the call of God. 

(c)        To recognise, encourage and extend the ministries of women, and to see that the Church makes full use of them. 

(d)        To express women's perspectives in theology, to celebrate their diversity of spirituality and to promote the use of inclusive language in worship. 

(e)        To bring laity and clergy into closer partnership. 

(f)        To liaise with appropriate national and international women's groups. 

(g)        To foster ecumenical links and support moves to ordain women in other churches. 

(h)        To support those women already ordained. 

(i)         To foster, gather, and share information between members across all dioceses.  


In furthering these objects, the Association may co-operate with any other body provided however that such co-operation maintains the integrity of the Association with respect to its objects and with regard to the manner in which that co-operation is conducted.


This is an extract from the Constitution of MOWatch Inc (2001).

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