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Sydney Movement for the Ordination of Women

The Sydney diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia is one of the few places where women still cannot be ordained as Priests. Where once MOWatch had active local chapters around Australia, many of those now operate only as informal networks. However in Sydney we remain active and promote the liberation of women by organising public forums and promoting debate of the issue at Sydney Synod.

If you have questions or want to get involved, we would love to talk to you. We welcome courteous and sincere dialogue with those who may disagree with us. If you live in Sydney and join MOWatch, you also become a member of Sydney MOW.

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Article by Julia Baird marking 20 years of women priests in the Australian Anglican church

Julia Baird argues in the Sydney Morning Herald today that "two thousand years ago, the Christian church was radical in a culture of patriarchy. Now, in Sydney, it is a reactionary in a culture of equality." Her piece documents a recent motion at Sydney Synod by Professor Bernard Stewart and Reverend Philip Bradford to note the 20th anniversary of women's ordination to the priesthood - a motion that was amended by Synod to erase any mention of ordination and simply give thanks for women's ministry.

Updated 1 December 2012

Media Release: 20th Anniversary of Women Priests in the Anglican Church of Australia

As the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney begins its Annual Meeting where it will discuss such topics as whether women should promise to submit to their husbands the rest of the Anglican Church of Australia continues to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the ordination of the first women priests in Australia - the 92 in 92.

There are now 3 female Bishops, 462 female Priests and 178 female Deacons in the Anglican Church of Australia and the Church is celebrating the wonderful gifts and ministries of these women. Sydney MOW rejoices in this anniversary year but we also mourn the fact that we are still not able to experience the full and equal ministry of women and men in the Sydney Diocese.

Sydney is one of only 4 Australian Dioceses which still do not ordain women as priests. As a result, Sydney Diocese has lost a wealth of talent over the past 20 years as women have left Sydney to be ordained elsewhere. Sydney MOW has identified at least 25 gifted women who are now serving in other Dioceses in Australia, including 2 of the 3 female Bishops. These women have brought diverse perspectives and great gifts to their ministries and the Church is richer for them.

Other faithful and committed lay women and men have quietly left the church or moved to other Dioceses because of the intransigence of the Sydney opposition to the full and equal ministry of women.

At least two women priests who were ordained elsewhere reside in Sydney and are unable to function as priests and exercise their full ministry in this diocese.

As we rejoice in the 20th Anniversary of Women Priests in Australia, we remember and honour all those who have left Sydney to pursue their vocation; those who have left the church and those who are unable to exercise their full ministry in Sydney.
Contact: Sue Henry-Edwards, 0428260074

Updated 16 November 2012

The Committee of the Sydney branch for 2012-2013 is:

  • Convenor: Sue Henry-Edwards
  • Secretary: Carol Russell
  • Treasurer: Margaret Lawther
  • Committee: Mandy Tibbey, Caroline Bowyer, Janet Patterson

To contact Sydney MOW, please email

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